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Ed Hunter

Ed Hunter was born in Glasgow and studied drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art under Charlie Boyle. He then went on to study life drawing with Bob Brown at Strathclyde University. In 1993 Ed took the decision to make painting his career and since then has exhibited in galleries in the U.K., U.S.A, Germany, France and Russia. He has shown work in the Royal Glasgow Institute, The Royal Scottish Academy, Paisley Art institute, Art in the Square Glasgow, the Edinburgh Art Fair, The Macmillan at Kelvingrove, Scottish Week at the Neptune Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Platform 100 Exhibition, I.N.G Bank London.




Strolling, Whiting Bay   Two Gondolas   Sundown, Seamill
  Winter Sun
£390   £390   £950   £390
Oil - 200mm x 200mm   Oil - 200mm x 200mm  

Oil - 500mm x 400mm

  Oil - 200mm x 200mm