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Peter is originally from Dorset and graduated from St. Martin’s in London in 1986 when he was a finalist in the prestigious ‘Readers Digest Young Illustrators Award’. After graduating, he practised as a freelance artist and illustrator until 1990 when he and his wife opened the Framework Gallery in Troon, Ayrshire.

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Much of Peter’s work depicts cityscapes of Glasgow and Edinburgh, often on wet days. Scottish harbours are also a source of inspiration. Recently, Peter has taken up the challenge of aiming to capture the unique atmosphere of venice. "I see my work as drawings in paint, working quickly and freely across the whole canvas. I try to convey an impression of the atmosphere and light rather than a detailed description of the subject. In particular, I’m inspired by the way light and reflections can play across ordinary objects and familiar places, giving them a fresh beauty."

Evening, Santa Maria

oil 500mm x 500mm


Old Tin Shed

Acrylic - 300mm x 250mm



Oil - 500mm x 400mm


Venetian Doorway

Acrylic - 300mm x 250mm





Shoreline, Arran

Acrylic 200mm x 130mm


Country Jug

Oil - 600mm x 750mm


In the Quad, Glasgow

Oil 600mm x 500mm


Across the Lagoon, Venice

Oil - 500mm x 500mm

£250   £1250   £950    £895

Shaded Parasols

Oil 500mm x 400mm


Contre-Jour, West George Street

Oil 300mm x 600mm


Shoreline, Alisa Craig

Acrylic 200mm x 130mm


Dappled Light, Aix

Oil 300mm x 240mm

£895   £895   £250   £495



Fruit Stalls, Provence

Oil - 460mm x 410mm


Afternoon, San Marco

Oil - 500mm x 400mm


Vintage Watering Can

Oil - 500mm x 400mm


Petit Dejeuner

Oil 500mm x 400mm

£895   £850   £895   £895

Ornsay Light

Oil - 600mm x 600mm


Light over Dunoon

Oil - 760mm x 610mm


Cloch Lighthouse

Oil 500mm x 400mm

£1100   £1800   £895    

Coastal Light, Arran

Acrylic - 300mm x 350mm


Light on Sleat

Oil - 600mm x 500mm


Plockton Sky

Oil - 600mm x 500mm


Coastal Greys

Acrylic 160mm x 110mm

£495   £1100   £1100   £195

Yachts, Loch Lomond

Oil 7500mm x 6000mm


Contre Jour, North Berwick

Oil 600mm x 500mm


Coffee Break

Oil 500mm x 400mm


Street Life, Vietnam

Oil 460mm x 360mm

£1500   £950   £895   £850

Across to Arran

Acrylic 230mm x 250mm


Coffee at Florian's, Venice

Oil 460mm x 360mm


 Under the Rialto

Oil 460mm x 360mm

£450   £850   £850    







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